It’s 2020 Ubuntu still not for everyday person, unfortunately

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Back in my college days when we had red hat as our main distro in college lab it was a nightmare to configure properly on home computer. I graduated in early 2000s and I have to say not too many things has change on the back end. Modern Linux distro it looks very nice and installation seems to be streamlined these days. One thing remains complicated for regular people is post installation problems. My latest example is login loop after updating latest distro on Ubuntu. after entering password on login screen nothing happens you go right back to password screen. There are many solution for this problem because it could be a lot of different problems that can cause this. Basically this is my issue. Problems after problems just by using operating system and doing absolutely nothing with it that someone may call dangerous like configuring files manually. In other words if someone in home environment install Linux distro it’s possible that it will just break. For most people it’s unacceptable. Let me give you an example that might not reflect exactly situation I am in, but very close. Latest Windows version is 2004 for about a month now Windows is telling me that it’s not quite ready for my hardware and some problems still exist. In other words Windows knows what hardware I am running and on the back end developers although released version 2004 but they know not to push to certain hardware. This is what is lacking in Linux. Focus on problem free running, don’t push updates to hardware you currently does not support, or at least notify user that something might go wrong. I like Lennox no matter what and personally little problems that I’m having actually excite me to fix them, but for most people it’s a huge turn off. And for businesses just like having Windows 7 for over 10 years in my understanding they are sticking with same distro and same version, updating only security patches.
My apologies for any spelling mistakes I’m using voice to text, also I know most people ask questions and this forum and this is just my statement without any questions.

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