I have a question pertaining to my isc-dhcp-server not loading until I delete my kern.log and syslog files before a reboot. I have went through all the Q&A in here about isc-dhcp-server as well as the isc-dhcp-server web page and implemented loads individually to no avail… — /etc/default/interfaces “INTERFACES=eth0″ — […]

I have watched three videos on installing dual-boot Ubuntu. I downloaded the current iso 18.04 and verified the checksum. When I boot it the “Try Ubuntu option works fine. However, when I use “Install Ubuntu” I never get the screen asking about dual boot or something else. Instead it immediately […]

Hi I installed MacOS Mojave in virtualbox, everything is working fine except sound, there are no input and output devices showing in MACOS guest. I am on Ubuntu 19.04 and using latest virtualbox 6.0.1 I would also like to mention that its working super fine in wmware, But I don’t […]

I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 on a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 (gen 6) motherboard. Using HDMI audio via my graphics card is not working at all. Sound via headphones is working fine. Here is my alsa report: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=317bebb3e63a8726494c1637432903834c7c128c Any ideas why I can’t get any audio via my graphics card?

I’m trying to install the drivers of my new USB wifi card, and I’m getting this problem: $ sudo make [sudo] password for lucia: “******************************************” “NO SKRC,we will use default KSRC” “******************************************” make ARCH=x86_64 CROSS_COMPILE= -C /lib/modules/4.10.0-40-generic/build=/home/lucia/Descargas/TL-WN823NEU_V2_160315_Linux/Driver modules make[1]: se entra en el directorio ‘/usr/src/linux-headers-4.10.0-40-generic’ “******************************************” “NO SKRC,we will use […]

I’m trying to find an alternative app, etc. for my wife’s Cricut explore air device app “Cricut design space”. It is a device that cuts, writes and scores things like signs and cards. If anyone knows of a good alternative to the software or a work around she could use, […]

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS in my sony vaio laptop and it isn’t connecting to wifi as the wifi adapter is not being found . Its not detecting the LAN cable however internet is working through mobile data tethering. Please help !

My problem is the following: I was using an external USB HDD (Western Digital Technologies, Inc. My Book Essential (WDBACW)), which is formatted to ext4. So far it was connected to my router and was used as a network drive. Since a while it is not working at all and […]

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 606 for the week of November 17 – 23, 2019. The full version of this issue is available here. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu StatsHot in SupportLinux Applications SummitKubeCon San Diego 2019 FlashbackLoCo EventsCanonical NewsIn the BlogosphereFeatured Audio and VideoMeeting ReportsUpcoming Meetings […]

im making a security doorbell with camera features and i wanted to alert the user whenever motion is detected. I have motion running and saving photos to /home/pi/documents/motion. I want to have a python script monitor that folder for new files then run sendtext.py whenever a new file is created. […]

Does someone happen to know a good way to set something like this: between xx.xx – yy.yy system idle time before suspend would be zzz min outside that specified time range idle time to suspend would be fff min suspending from button would remain as it is (enabled) Any ideas? […]

Well I would like to know if there is any function (or C code that I can define) that does the same as pretty() in MATLAB. so when I run this in MATLAB: syms s k; G1=16/(s+0.8); H=k; Ga=G1/(1+G1*H); G2=1/s; Gb=Ga*G2; M=Gb/(1+Gb); M=collect(M); %basically this part of the code pretty(M); […]

Let me put you in context, you see this is the third time I install ubuntu on my laptop (Asus Laptop, running NVDIA GTX 1050), althought this installation was different because I once for all removed the original Windows 10 that came with my Laptop. My first attempts were on […]

Wine has been working well and I have several Windows applications installed that work just fine but for some time now, whenever I click on any new .exe file that is not for something already installed, nothing happens. That is, the little spinner shows for a moment, then stops but […]

Hey guys, I am a noob in the linux world and I would like to know if it is possible to install (or if it is too much trouble) the Pop!_OS store “Pop!_Shop” on my laptop that’s running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. If so, how? I can’t seem to find instructions […]

​ https://preview.redd.it/i1ajbyy7uv041.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8903a59be0149d1c128da1b5c43f68a34fd3835d kdenlive 19.12 beta is out with many bug fixes and improvements. The highlights include: ​ New audio mixer Bin monitor redesign Performance and usability improvements Many Windows fixes Master effects Re-implement scrolling trough compositions. Check it out and report any issues: https://files.kde.org/kdenlive/unstable/kdenlive-19.12.0-beta1-x86_64.appimage submitted by /u/f_r_d [link] [comments]

I wanted to install this software : http://rfc2822.github.io/GfxTablet/ On CS50 Appliance ( Harvard’s CS Operating System) which is based on Xubuntu and ultimately Ubuntu. I downloaded the binary file, renamed it to “networktablet”, Then typed the following commands in the terminal after moving the terminal directory to the place I […]


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