As the title says, my system doesn’t seem to recognize my USB 3.0. It instead claims to be a 2.0. Any help would be appreciated! My computer is the Asus Q200E. It’s pretty bad, but it works for school. Except for this damn usb 3.0 port lsusb -t /: Bus […]

I recently upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04.4 LTS, and now want to upgrade again to 20.04 LTS using sudo do-release-upgrade -d The process fails with an error message about ppas, but the log files show that the problem has to do with ubuntu-standard and lsof conflicts. It appears that it […]

I am about to purchase the Alienware m15 r3, and I usually dual boot all my computers, but I have seen some people experience some difficulties while trying to install ubuntu on an Alienware, and I haven’t seen any posts about the new Alienware, has anyone install ubuntu on the […]

Here are the aliases in question: alias update=’sudo apt-get update’ alias upgrade=’sudo apt-get upgrade’ alias upgrate=’sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’ Here’s the output when I run update: [Wed Jul 08 20:47] gsw @ MacWoody:~ $ update [sudo] password for gsw: Hit:1 buster/updates InRelease Hit:2 buster InRelease […]

When I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 it was working great, but then I accidentally booted to windows 10, and then it stopped working. I was wondering if there was a way to reset the adapter or device. I don’t fully understand what my options are. It says […]

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 this is the configure: Operating System Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1909 (build 18363.900) Install Language: English (United States) System Locale: English (United States) Installed: 6/18/2020 12:39:21 Servicing Branch: Current Branch (CB) Boot Mode: UEFI with Secure Boot disabled System Model Dell Inc. […]

I have been checking some systemd-analyze outputs and I actually don’t have a crucial problem with my boot time but just wondering whether I can decrease it further. I’d like to mention that I’m using an SSD and Ubuntu is my only OS. systemd-analyze Startup finished in 5.450s (firmware) + […]

I have a laptop Thinkpad T520 with the dockstation Lenovo 4338-35 which has one USB 3.0 port (it’s blue, marked with SS). However, my Linux Mint 17.2 (based on Ubuntu 14.04) does not recognize it. $ lsusb -t /: Bus 02.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=ehci-pci/3p, 480M |__ Port 1: […]

Unpopular opinion, but people seem to think Manjaro Linux atleast on paper is better than Ubuntu, but honestly the thing I like about Ubuntu is that it just works out of the box. I have never seen it break and it generally has no problems. I have been using it […]

How do you disable automatic input volume adjustment? I’m trying to record audio, and I’m finding my input levels are constantly being thrown off because Gnome/PulseAudio/ALSA/something is automatically lowering my input volume when a peak is found. If I open the standard Gnome Sound Settings, and set the Input volume […]

I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on an Ideapad 3. As per title I can’t control the brightness in any way. Using the function keys to change it has the only effect of editing the “sys/class/backlight/ideapad/brightness” file but nothing changes on the screen. What I have tried so far is to […]

My question is about reinstalling Ubuntu 20.04. I lost folders and/or dpkg files, then I cannot install programs or update. I have Ubuntu 20.04, and I am trying to reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 because I don’t want to lose my data (note: I have no dual boot and not any Microsoft […]

My question is about REINSTALL ubuntu 20.04: I lost folders and/or dpkg files, then I cannot install programs or update. I have Ubuntu 20.04, and I am trying to REINSTALL ubuntu 20.04 cos i want not to lose my data (note: I have no dual boot and not microsoft OS). […]

Hi im looking to dual boot ubuntu with windows soon and i want to make sure i dont destroy my laptop Any reccomendation for a good tutorial of every step to take? So for i think its clearing up space on my c drive with disk management flashing ubuntu on […]

Hello, I installed Ubuntu on my Pendrive. On one notebook (an older acer) Ubuntu runs when the Pendrive is plugged, while the newer notebook (HP Pavilion) it loads Windows instead. On both notebooks I set priority boot for USB drives in BIOS. Why it doesn’t work on HP? submitted by […]

I am trying to set up samba on my pi, but it fails due to unmet dependencies and outputs this. Output: [email protected]:~ $ sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done You might want to run ‘apt –fix-broken install’ to correct these. […]

I wanted to fully unistall lutris , what I did is sudo apt remove lutris sudo apt autoremove sadly I found that there are 27 Giga still in the dir ( local ,share , lutris , runners , wine )

Ubuntu 18.04 Cinnamon. The Fn + s screenshot tool is filling my ~/Pictures/ folder with unnecessary screenshots from accidental keystrokes. How do I disable this permanently? The Menu > Keyboard dialog has a ‘Shortcuts’ tab, but neither ‘screenshot’ nor Fn + s appear in any of its options. This question […]

I’m using ubuntu 18.04 MATE ASUS laptop. When trying to run Deja dup I received the following:- BackendException: Could not initialise backend: cannot import name Gio This is not the first back up I have made, can anyone help please.

I’m trying to install an SDL library found here ( Per the instructions on the website I added two lines to my sources (/etc/apt/sources.list), but linux says that it cannot read the added lines that begin with ‘rpm’. How do I install this library? The instructions for installing the library, […]

I have e.g. android studio which can be launched by typing in this path: /home/USERNAME/Android/android-studio-AI-193.6/bin/ How can I create a directly clickable desktop shortcut/launcher for this application? Let’s go; Right click on the desktop >> Create New >> Blank File. Name of the File can be e.g. AndroidStudio.desktop (the […]

I am trying to create a countdown – most likely the hard way. I have it setup like this: #! /bin/bash #When to execute command execute=$(date +”%T” -d “22:30:00″) #Current time time=$(date +”%T”) #Subtract one from the other…. the below is line 11 math=$((“$execute”-“$time”)) #Repeat until time is 22:30:00 until […]

I have noticed that touchscreen doesn’t work in FireFox on Ubuntu 16 desktop (on a touchscreen laptop), which is a major bummer as I am a FireFox guy and the browser is 90% of what I use my personal computer for. Note that it works on non-linux FireFox and it […]


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