I am new to Ubuntu, and I am having difficulties with it being the only OS on my laptop. I would like to go back to Windows 10 and install Virtual Box, where I will be able to use Ubuntu occasionally. How could I do that?

After running a latest update and upgrade the PC doesn’t allow to install nor update giving me error File “/usr/lib/command-not-found”, line 23, in <module> import gettext ValueError: source code string cannot contain null bytes Error in sys.excepthook: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apport_python_hook.py”, line 63, in apport_excepthook from apport.fileutils […]

I am looking for a keyboard shortcut to raise a context menu using Ubuntu on a MacBook pro. Pressing the keyboard shortcut should have the same effect as right-clicking at the cursor location. On Windows keyboards, there is a dedicated button for this near the space bar. I have also […]

Hello, I would like to write all incoming and outgoing network connections to a text file on my Ubuntu server. Something like this: Date – Time – Src IP /Port – Dst IP /Port – Connected The sense of this is, that I can see, which IP addresses are connected […]

I’ve just connected my external HDD ,the pop up message that says new USB connected didn’t appears . I tried to open it from file manager and this error : Unable to access “500 GB Volume” Not authorized to perform operation (polkit authority not available and caller is not uid […]

I’m a Japanese student, and have previously been using Japanese input on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. It was working fine until yesterday, and stopped working earlier today when I rebooted. Symptoms Selecting the Japanese keyboard (either via Super+Space or from the top-right language menu), followed by selecting Hiragana input (top-right language […]

I would like to record an output of a program with PulseAudio using command line/bash script. It is important not to record all output, but only the output from one specific program. I thought I would have to create a new null-sink and than move the program’s output to this […]

I set JAVA_HOME for my system using a tutorial and completed every step. During the process the command echo JAVA_HOME showed /usr/lib/jvm/java-14-openjdk-amd64 as a result. But once I opened a new terminal and ran echo JAVA_HOME again it showed nothing. I’m trying to configure VS Code java.home too. But it […]

Windows has File Protection feature, according to Microsoft: Windows File Protection (WFP) prevents programs from replacing critical Windows system files. Programs must not overwrite these files because they are used by the operating system and by other programs. Protecting these files prevents problems with programs and the operating system. WFP […]

Soo I’m building a PC later this year but for now I’m stuck with my shi*y laptop “Causion specs may make you puke” Amd e1 1200 -dualcore 1.2ghz cpu 758mb vram GPU(not sure which) 4 GB ddr3 500gb dying hardrive Cheap plastic build 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙤𝙨 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙞 𝙪𝙨𝙚? submitted by […]

I tried out regolith, which gives a separate login DE. However, when switching back to the regular Ubuntu login, the close icon on all windows is missing, and the minimize and maximize icons are more like outlines rather than icons. Any ideas on how I can restore the icons? I’m […]

I would like to write a script that starts a process in a screen, letting it continue to run, but extracts a certain part of the output for use in the main process of the script. My first idea was to use a named pipe to communicate between the two […]

I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 onto my Intel Core i5 laptop, but when I try to connect it to the Wi-Fi, it does not seem to detect my flat’s Wi-Fi. What kind of Wi-Fi adapter should I use? lshw is already the newest version (

I have an Epson LX-300 Printer Driver, but I can not get it to print on the full width of a regular US Letter page. Whatever I configure, the printer just prints about 60% of the page width. As if the page were very small, leaving large empty spaces. I […]

tried to install encfs. After adding repository, and update gave command in terminal sudo apt install gnome-encfs-manager Am getting response .. Unable to locate package gnome-encfs-manager

I work on local websites and want to add workspaces in Brave Dev Tools. When I try to add the folders, I get the error Could not read the contents of var. Error opening directory ‘/var’: Permission denied I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and installed Brave through Ubuntu Software. The […]

I have a new Dell Inspiron 5505 (AMD Ryzen 4500), and sure enough, the S3 sleep state is disabled with no BIOS option to enable it (even after a BIOS update). After a few weeks of frustration, I learned how to (successfully) edit the DSDT and override it through GRUB. […]


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